Gan Clan Singapore has been established for 46 years. Since 1966, the Clan has received undying support and generous donations from its members. Sharing the common dream to build a Gan Clan community with pride in our historical heritage and shared values of humanity and service, we strive to attract more members, introduce new programmes, and also improve our management systems and processes.  

One year ago, Gan Clan (Singapore) made a historic decision - to make technology deployment to roll out more innovative programmes in attracting various target audiences to sign up as our member.

Why? If there's one thing you'd been telling us for the past few years, it was that you wanted an Association that was driven by participation by all of our members, not just by seniors or Association leadership.

We listened, and your response has been amazing:

  • Your participation in annual events, programmes and initiatives has gone up.
  • You've volunteered for our Association at a much higher rate.
  • Your donations to our Association have gone up dramatically.

Charitable giving to our Association is important. Please consider making a gift today to support Gan Clan (Singapore), its programmes and its future. Donate an amount that best represents your ability - we suggest $10, $20, $50, $100 or $300 periodically. To further bring the Gan Clan to greater heights, we sincerely hope you can support us financially. Your donation will be used for: organizing the programmes and activities, upgrading or renovation for Gan Clan.

By Cheque or Credit Card

Kindly download the donation form and mail the completed form and cheque (payable to Gan Clan Singapore) to us. Alternatively, you may visit us personally to pass the cheque. 

Please use crossed cheque and indicate "Gan Clan Singapore" on the top.
Address: 18B-20B Bukit Pasoh Rd Singapore 089832

By Monthly GIRO

Kindly download the GIRO form and mail the completed form to us. Please note that the minimum amount is S$10 per month which will be deducted automatically from your preferred back account. 

Donation History

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our donors who have generously contribute to Gan Clan Singapore. 

If you do not prefer your donation to be displayed publicly, please email us [email protected] prior to making your donation.

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