Gan Clan Singapore’s 2016 Annual Plan

24 May 2016


Dear members


Gan Clan Singapore’s 2016 Annual Plan


Gan Clan Singapore (GCS) aspires to become an association that takes pride in our cultural values, cares and serves the community, and to provide a platform of interaction for Gan members.


Traditional festivals are the days that every family gets together. We are pleased to announce the traditional festival activities in 2016 with the table below:



Date & Day


Scholarship and Bursary Application

23 May 2016(Monday)

Refer to attachment

JB One day Tour

28 May 2016(Saturday)

Dumpling Festival

5 June 2016 (Sunday)

Refer to attachment

Annual General Meeting



Mid-Autumn Festival




We look forward to your participation in above activities. When the date is approaching, we will also list the details of each activity in the letter, or you could check them out at or at GCS Facebook page - Gan ClanSingapore


You are encouraged to bring your family along and we hope these activities provide opportunities for you to meet with more members of the Gan community.


Thank you and see you soon.




With best wishes

Gan Giap Leong PBM


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